Busking: to entertain by singing and dancing, especially in public places.

     Hi!  Welcome to the .com part of Namakani.  This is a place where you can choose to - or not to - become a patron of the arts.  Namakani is free to you, because I pay for the production and internet, but I could use a little help. It’s that simple - I’m not going to try to soften you up with some slick sales pitch. You are surfing along the internet just like you might be walking along a street Downtown somewhere, and Lo! here’s a musician playing in public, with a tip jar at his feet.

    This is all about free will. I choose to perform here for free, and you may choose to contribute or not.
    It’s not as altruistic as you might think, though. The recent political scene in America prompts me to update my stance regarding selling my art. American culture worships the dollar, whereas the value of Art comes from experiencing the creative processes, inner satisfaction, and sharing new perspectives. These don’t have to be antagonistic viewpoints, but money tends to pervade and color everything it touches; in Art this can lead to pandering, which can steal the soul away from an artist. There are those of us whose sincerest and most passionate works resonate with the public, and those artists can make a lot of money easily and honestly. The rest have to balance commitment to our vision against the interests of the market, and there are some who don’t give a rat’s ass about the market. Art is their ultimate value.

     So, here’s the deal: I won’t pander to you, and you are totally free to take what’s here or leave it.  Or support it, if you so desire. Do you see the tip jar over here?


    Go ahead, click on the tip jar . . .

     Well, it's still under construction.  Dang, I just can't transform that image into a jar  So, free: Pilot for Val & Al show, and Bye Bye Blackbird.   Enjoy.